Immigration Organization: 41 migrants sank, 12 lost off the coast of Shabwa in southern Yemen

AIJES: The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that over the past three days they found 226 survivors and 41 bodies of victims of two tragic incidents off the coast of Shabwa province  in southern Yemen a few days ago when smugglers forced 280 migrants and refugees from Somalia and Ethiopia aboard two boats in two days Two consecutive to jump into the sea, where these migrants were on their way to the Gulf countries through Yemen.

In the first incident, on August 9, when smugglers forced 120 people to jump into the sea, FAO staff found the remains of 29 people, 24 Ethiopians and five Somalis, the International Organization said in a report Tuesday. The number of missing has decreased from 22 people to only 6, assuming the number of people lost their lives in the first accident was 35 people.