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Updated : Friday , 28/11/2014

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Two Somali refugees killed in Yemen unrest


At least two Somali refugees have been killed and eight others injured in the latest spate of the deteriorating Yemen unrest, an official said on Thursday.


Hussein Hajji Ahmed, an official from the Somali embassy in Yemen, told state-run Radio Mogadishu that the deaths and injuries of Somali refugees came after a number of Yemeni protesters attacked them in Al Mukalla city in the south of Yemen.

Ahmed didn’t specify why the Somali refugees had come under attack from Yemenis demonstrating against the regime of President Ali Abdalla Saleh.

“The deceased and injured Somalis were working for Al Mukalla Municipal Council,” the Somali official said. He conjectured they were attacked because they worked for the government body.

Ahmed stated that all the injured were immediately taken to a medical facility in the city for treatment, saying that they were suffering from gunshot wounds in the upper parts of their bodies.

As unrest and anti-government protests have intensified in Yemen in the last few months, Somalis who had migrated to Yemen to escape violence in their native country began returning home.

Since March, 110 Somali refugees including women, children and university students, reached the Somali port of Bosaso by boat, which is about 1,500 kilometers (937 miles) north of Mogadishu.

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