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Updated : Saturday , 20/12/2014

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Yemeni Deputy Information Minister accuses Emir of Qatar of seeking to spark civil war in Yemen

5/12/2011- YemenOnline

Yemeni information minister Abdo Al-Janadi accused Sunday  in a press conference held in Sana'a Emir of Qatar of seeking  to spark civil war in Yemen through distribution of weapons and money to anti-government militia  and dissident army. Al-Janadi called on the State of Qatar to raise its hand for significant financial support provided to the dissident army and the Islamic militia  in their  fight against government forces in Sana'a and Taiz.Al-Janadi  considered the withdrawal of Qatar from the Gulf deal that ensure a peaceful transition of power is a negative attitude against resolving the political crisis in Yemen and stop the war between opposition parties and the government of Yemen.


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