Houthi rebels cede control of Yemen’s primary port, officials say.

Saturday's transfer, which was confirmed by FRANCE 24's UN correspondent, was carried out under the supervision of UN monitors as part of a deal reached during peace talks in Sweden earlier this month. A UN team arrived in Hodeida earlier this week.

A Houthi spokesman also confirmed the transfer. "Our forces started withdrawing last night from the port of Hodeida, as agreed in Sweden," the spokesman said on Al’Massira, the movement’s television channel.

The agreement also provides for the withdrawal of forces from the ports of Salif and Rass Issa, the ports of entry for most of the humanitarian aid destined for the millions of Yemenis threatened by famine.

The talks in Sweden also produced a deal on the exchange of thousands of prisoners of war from both sides.

Yemen was plunged into civil war in 2014 when the rebels captured the capital Sanaa. They now control most of northern Yemen, including Hodeida. A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting on the government side since 2015.