Iranian military experts in Yemen, Former minister

Photo: Major General Fadl al-Qusi when arrived Mareb peovince eastern Sana'a

The Interior Minister, a dissident of the Huthi rebel government, Major General Fadl al-Qusi, said that there is documented field information confirming the presence of experts from Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia based in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a in secret.

Al-Qawsi, who has taken refuge in Marib province and announced his joining the popular resistance against the Houthis, told Al-Watan Saudi newspaper that the Huthis continue to lie and deceive  the world when they denied Iranian support for them with weapons and missiles.

He pointed out that "who runs the Sanaa now, are the followers of Abdul Malik al-Houthi, but he, is still hidden and did not appear, and is not unlikely to be in Lebanon."

Al-Qawsi stressed that "the situation of security in Sanaa is very frightening, living in total darkness, the security rate is low, and there is no state.

He pointed out that "the black list, announced by Saudi Arabia; to hunt down the leaders and elements of the Houthi terrorist, aired in the hearts of the militias."

Sources at the time reported confirmed information about the participation of Lebanese Hezbollah experts in the recent attack on Saleh's house, which led to his death.