Yemeni government denies Houthis withdrawal from port of Hudaydah.

The Yemeni government denied on Saturday evening reports that Houthi rebels had withdrawn from the strategic port of Hudaydah, West of the country.

The official news agency quoted an unnamed government source as saying that the Houthis’ statement about their redeployment in the port of Hudaydah is “clear attempt to circumvent the Stockholm Agreement on the city”.

The source added that “these violations, which lead to the agreement failure, can not be accepted”.

Earlier on Saturday, the Houthis said their forces had begun on Friday night the first phase of redeployment at the port as stipulated by the agreement.

- Yemen’s Houthis start redeployment in Hudaydah as part of UN deal

The Yemeni government and Houthi rebels concluded on December, 13 a round of consultation which they agreed to swap prisoners and the port and city of Hudaydah.

A few days later, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution authorising the United Nations to deploy a team to monitor and facilitate the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement. The team’s mission is to watch the cease-fire, the withdrawal of the two sides’ forces from the city and the port of Hudaydah, as well as the ports of As- Saleef and Ras Isa to agreed locations within 21 days of the truce which began on December, 18.

The team also monitors the parties’ commitment not to bring any military reinforcements to the city or the three ports, to remove any military manifestations from the city as well as to strengthen the United Nations presence there.