UN Envoy to Yemen holds talks with Omani officials in Muscat

On Sunday, UN special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths held discussions in Muscat with Omani officials as part of his attempts to gather regional pressure to convince the Iran-backed Houthi militias to implement the Sweden agreement.

He encountered with Acting Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry for Diplomatic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed bin Awad al-Hassan, to confer the newest developments in Yemen and global efforts to achieve a ceasefire and peace settlement, affirmed official sources in Oman.

Yemeni observers emphasized that the envoy's visit is mainly aimed at seeking Omani pressure on the Houthis to persuade them to implement the Sweden agreement, particularly its article on pulling out from Hodeidah city.

Griffiths is then scheduled to visit Houthi-held Sanaa Monday in order to encounter the militia chief and head of the UN advance team charged with observing the truce, retired Dutch general Patrick Cammaert, informed sources told Asharq Al-Awsat.