Facebook threatens a Yemeni activist to block his account permanently because of Al Jazeera's complaint

The Facebook administration sent today a warning message to an Yemeni activist lives in Cairo threatening him to block his account permanently after they removed his comment on a TV report  published by Al-Jazeera channel on the UAE  mediation in the success of peace negotiations between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The warning came after a complaint by al-Jazeera accusing the  Yemeni activist Samer al-Salami of violating copyright by re-publishing its program on Facebook.

I was shocked by such procedure taken by Facebook administration, I didn’t expect that my small comment on a television report on Al-Jazeera will upset the giant news channel so that it will file a complaint under the pretext of protecting copy rights, Al-Salami said to AIJES. This is considered an act of violence against the freedom of opinion and expression that Al-Jazeera and the administration of Facebook call for, especially that the channel's slogan is clear on the television report that was published. Al-Salami added.

Many activists considered Facebook's threat to the Yemeni activist a serious sign against freedom of opinion and the beginning of a negative decline to curb freedom of speech.