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Updated : Wednesday , 17/09/2014

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US man missing in Yemen prison contacts wife for first time in months

By: NY Times
Yemen and Somalia are examples of U.S. mission creep, not success

By: Agencies


Top Story >> Negotiations in Yemen break down amid claims of a proxy war


Negotiations between Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government are “frozen”, according to a statement from the Houthi spokesperson on Monday morning.

The Ansarullah movement, composed mostly of rebels from the Houthi tribe, has been organising protests and ...

Rights group urges Yemen to probe use of force
Yemen warns against foreign support for Houthi rebels


 Yemeni President Mansour Hadi warned against foreign intervention in his country on Saturday, as tense talks between government officials and Shiite Houthi rebels appeared to reach a deadlock.

He also said that Yemenis are ready to defend their homes with ...

Close to Deal, Rebels Fight Yemeni Troops


Yemeni troops clashed on Saturday with Shiite rebels who have been demonstrating here in the capital for weeks to demand the resignation of the government, throwing into question a deal to end the standoff and raising fears of a wider conflict.

The clashes broke out in a ...

Yemen : Houthi rebels escalate Sanaa standoff
Special Report:
Yemen: Lethal Force Against Houthi Protesters
More Headlines:
- Al-Qaeda suspects kill Yemen intel officer
- 13 Shia rebels killed in Yemen bombings
- Further protests rock Yemen as conflict reaches boiling point.
- REFILE-Yemen patches crude pipeline sabotaged by tribesmen, pumping resumes
- Army, Houthi rebels clash as tensions run high in Yemen
- Gun battle in Yemeni capital after soldiers kill four shiites
- Suicide Bomb, Clash Kill Yemen Soldiers, Qaeda Terrorists
- 7 rebel backers killed trying to storm Yemen govt offices
- Yemen main oil pipeline attacked, pumping halted
- Yemen Police Shoot at Shiite Protesters, Killing 4
- UK Special Envoy to Yemen
- Yemen rebels pull out of northern city
- Al Qaida militants kill four Yemeni soldiers
- Yemen Opens the Glass Ceiling in Quest for New Future
- Drone strike kills al—Qaeda suspect in Yemen
- POEA: Ban on sending new hires to Yemen stays
- Yemen Huthis demand security body dismantled
- Yemen leader has reneged on promises' Clinton says
- 5 Al-Qaida Militants Killed, 8 Wounded in Airstrikes in South Yemen
- Yemen urges to halt escalating crackdown after two reported killed in capitalþ' AMNESTY
Economic & Business
- Yemen introduces measures to curb government spending
- Yemen sells April crude to Unipec and Gunvor
- Yemen joins protocol on illicit trade in tobacco products
- Calvalley Petroleum dips on crude transport disruptions at Yemen property
- Yemen Offers 3 Million Barrels of Masila Crude for June Loading
- Germany grants $31 mln to support WFP programmes in Yemen
- WHO allots Yemen $ 11.5 million for health care
- Nexen to Upgrade Buzzard Cooling System; Yemen Fields Back
- Yemen LNG signs agreement to build a 30-bed hospital in coastal Rudhoom district, Shabwa
- Yemen, Turkey exchange ratification documents to protect investments
Culture- Education
- Qatar Charity opens QR2mn complex in Yemen
- Yemen discusses education cooperation with USA, UNICEF
- US protects Yemen's child laborers
- President gives scholarships to 250 students in Sa'ada
- AIDS Prevention Program launched in Taiz
- Total offers scholarship for Yemeni students
- Law in the works to make school attendance mandatory
- Future Studies Center organizes Cultural Symposium on Al-Qaeda
- Terrorism a state of ideological distortion: culture minister
- "A New Day in Old Sana'a" competes with "Yaqubian Building"
Special Report
- Yemen: Lethal Force Against Houthi Protesters
- Yemen: A Failed State
- If Yemen Is the Model . . .
- Slavery in Yemen
- Yemen at (dangerous crossroads) as rebel supporters killed
- Yemen: heading for more conflict?
- Al-Qaeda’s play in the sub-continent: An ISIS evolution?
- Yemen’s ‘blessed revolution’ edges towards a showdown
- Yemen educational reforms fight illiteracy
- Yemen’s Arab winter
- Yemen offers women dialogue, debate training
- HRW condemn recruiting children in Yemen
- UNHCR encouraged by prospects of improved access in northern Yemen
- Yemen-National Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development(NCHRDD)
- New deputy minister appointed
- Taiz JMP adopts outlaw trade union
- National Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development (NOD) or (NCHRDD)
- Rights group urges Yemen to probe use of force
- Number of U.S. Air Strikes in Iraq Already Exceeds Those in Yemen, Somalia
- QRC provides QR168,635 medical supplies for Yemen
- Saudi embassy shuts down in Yemen
- US official in Yemen to assert support against terrorism
- White House: Strike Killed Terror Leader
- 8,000 displaced in Yemen conflict: UN
- Labor raids reduce remittances to Yemen
- IMF sets $553 mn loan for Yemen
- Houthi supporters rally in Sanaa after leader defies U.N.
Land of Sheba
- Yemen ; The best destination of 2007
- Revolution Created State of Institutions
- Valentine in Yemen.
- Socotra listed for competing on new 7 natural wonders
- Yemen; the history of Land of Sheba
- Yemen Korkie mediator a credible source
- Yemeni army ready to attack al Qaeda’s stronghold south of Yemen
- Vision on employing Yemeni labor in GCC markets approved
- Yemenonline for Investment Consultation & Public Relation
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- Investment opportunities in Oil & Gas in Yemen
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